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Hi, I'm Tanay

I am a PhD student at the Knowledge Media Institute of The Open University in Milton Keynes, England, holding a Bachelor of Technology degree in Information Technology Engineering. As a young entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, I am passionate about all things tech, from smartphones to self-driving cars.

I was designated by the Government of the NCT of Delhi and The Japan Science and Technology Agency as a delegate to Fukuoka, Japan, for Research & Development. Additionally, I was accepted as a delegate by the Harvard Project for Asian & International Relations (HPAIR) for the Harvard College conference in 2021. My work and achievements have been featured in the Hindustan Times and India Today newspapers.

I have hands-on experience in software engineering and data science, having interned with organizations such as the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in India and The Open University in Milton Keynes, England. Currently, I lead the strategy and vision at Moneyvine, striving to empower and inspire developers to build exceptional software.

It is crucial for aspiring engineers to see role models who resemble them in positions they aspire to achieve. Despite the current demographics in STEM fields, I aim to inspire others not to be deterred in their ambitions. I hope to demonstrate that it is possible to take care of oneself, achieve happiness, and find success in your endeavors, all within the current societal climate.


“R-Classify: Extracting Research Papers’ Relevant Concepts from a Controlled Vocabulary”
Tanay Aggarwal, Angelo Antonio Salatino, Francesco Osborne, Enrico Motta
Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University, Milton Keynes (UK)

In the past few decades, we saw a proliferation of scientific articles available online. This data-rich environment offers several opportunities but also challenges, since it is problematic to explore these resources and identify all the relevant content. Hence, it is crucial that they are appropriately annotated with their relevant concepts so to increase their chance of being properly indexed and retrieved. In this paper, we present R-Classify, a web tool that assists users in identifying the most relevant concepts according to a large-scale ontology of research areas in the field of Computer Science.

Publication at Software-Impacts

Research—Software Paper DOI : doi.org/10.1016/j.simpa.2022.100444

Web App

R-Classify is up and running. Live at: cso.kmi.open.ac.uk/classify


R-Classify is open-source licensed under Apache-2.0. The code is available at: r-classify

Work Experience

MoneyVine Pvt. Ltd.

April 13, 2022 - Present
Founder & CEO

I lead Moneyvine's strategy and vision and strive to empower and inspire developers to build great software.

The Open University, Milton Keynes, England

June 1, 2022 - November 30, 2022
Research Intern

Worked with the Respected Scientist Dr. Angelo A. Salatino on the Research work based on the Data Science particularly related to the Ontology-Driven Classification of Scholarly Articles in The Field of Engineering.

Maharaja Surajmal Institute Of Technology

October, 2021 - Present
Technical Head

Undertook the responsibility for the development and maintenance of the official college website.

The Open University, Milton Keynes, England

October 1, 2021 - Present
Research Intern

Worked with the Respected Scientist Dr. Angelo A. Salatino on Research work based on the Data Science particularly related to the CSO Classifier: Ontology-Driven Detection of Research Topics in Scholarly Articles.

Defence Research and Development Organisation

August 16, 2021 - September 30, 2021
Research Intern

Worked as a Software Developer as well as a Data-Science intern, and developed a software to ease the cumbersome observation of the atmospheric composition using spectrometry and Fourier Fast Transformation.


July, 2020 – Present
Founder & Chief Technical Officer

COPAL 19 aims to help in meeting the increasing demand of convalescent plasma amidst growing COVID 19 pandemic by bridging the gap between plasma donors and patients needing plasma.

Rancho Labs

September, 2019 – June, 2020


March, 2020 – April, 2020
Organizer & Tech-Lead

During the odd times of lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic an online hackathon was organized.

projects undertaken

Medical Facility Tracker

An online portal to store all the information regarding vacant beds and medical equipment available in hospitals across the country. People can visit the portal to make an informed choice, same can ensure the medical supplies as well.

Proof of Concept (PoC) Live at :

Corona Beds

Web-Application Implemented by Government of NCT of Delhi along the same lines of proposal.

ISIC'2020 Website

Developed Website for International Semantic Intelligence Conference (ISIC).

COVID-19 Vaccine Slot Checker

This system is devised to ease the search of availability of COVID-19 vaccination centers in your area.

Space Voyage

SpaceV Designs, Manufactures and Launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. The company was founded in 2020 to revolutionize space technology, with the ultimate goal of reaching out other planets.


Nebulink subsidiary part of Space Voyage.


An initiative for all writers and bloggers.


The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR)

Invited as a delegate to Harvard College Conference 2021 by HPAIR.

Hindustan Times Newspaper

Featured on front page of esteemed daily Hindustan Times newspaper for development and implementation of COPAL 19 App in collaboration with All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.

India Today Newspaper

Selected by government of NCT of Delhi and The Japan Science and Technology Agency as a delegate to Fukuoka, Japan for Research & Development and Interviewed by India Today newspaper.


Tanay Aggarwal

Hakata Station, Fukuoka, Japan


Tokyo, Japan

Fuel Cell Chip

Kyushu University Hydrogen Station


Hakata Station, Fukuoka, Japan

Fuel Cell Car

Kyushu University Hydrogen Station

Naka River

Fukuoka, Japan

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